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Money, Mojo and the Muladhara

Yeah, if it wasn’t for Wan Kim’s Urban Meditation (, I never would have thought of the connection between the chakras and money. Having thought of it, of course, I find myself contemplating it from a theoretical standpoint.

While the existence of money itself is a product of the brow chakra, being an intellectual construct, its primary placement with regard to the chakras would be the root chakra as a necessity for life and security, at least for those who can’t just walk off into the wilderness and survive, which, quite frankly gets boring after a few months, in my opinion.

Yet there are other aspects to money. It has a relationship to the second chakra, because it is part of how we relate to other people. (Many people mistakenly think that the second chakra is about sex, but this is an oversimplification that largely depends on the individual person. The second chakra is actually about how we relate to the world and other people.)

A lot of people get very emotionally attached to money, or spending it, and that is a third chakra issue, especially learning to gain self control with regards to our spending habits.

When you use money for altruistic purposes, or even give it to the person begging on the side of the street, this type of a mitzvah relates directly to the fourth chakra.

Any time you are using money to “vote with your money,” either boycotting something or buying something or donating to a particular cause, or spending cash to boost a post, you are utilizing the throat chakra.

Returning to the brow chakra, you can purchase school, or books or classes, or educational toys or any number of things that will stimulate the intellect. In a way, this illustrates how you have to have sufficient energy in the root chakra to supply the other chakras when doing spiritual work.

Still, when you’re talking about basic money and getting enough of it, you are talking first chakra. This is just off the top of my head, but I hope that it’s useful to someone.


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