Who Is Vulcanjeditimelord?

Vulcanjeditimelord is better known as Julian Reid (or Tom Reid, if you’ve known him long enough).  He is many things to those who know him.  He is a teacher of Martial Arts and a science fiction author, and a yogi of more than 40 years.  Due to a confluence of circumstances and environment in his younger days, he has studied all aspects of medicine, health and healing through schools and personal study, he is a cook of epic proportions, he has an understanding of chemistry that makes him a genius at getting rid of any kind of stain, and he can sew a strait seam with a sewing machine.  He has been heavily involved in Science Fiction Fandom for more than 25 years, from working at the conventions to creating a couple of conventions, to being a guest and speaking at them.  First and foremost, he is a scientist and approaches every aspect of life scientifically, from breakfast to relationships.

For a discussion of martial arts, he has a Group on Facebook: Chi Ping Tao Kung Fu.  He welcomes questions, and often propositions strangers to get them to ask them of him.  Asking him questions and getting him to give martial arts lessons are two things that anyone can do to make him happy.


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